The aaurelion waiting list is live

The smart contracts of most staking providers are full. But aaurelion offers the possibility to delegate to a waiting list.

Aaurelion has opened another delegation smart contract. On request, EGLD owners can delegate their coins here.

Currently, no rewards are generated by the blockchain, during this time aaurelion is returning a portion of the service fees from the first smart contract to the Elrond community. In this way, EGLD owners who did not receive a spot on our first smart contract can already secure spots for future rewards distributions and still benefit.

If you are interested, please contact us via the aaurelion waiting list Telegram group

The minimum period for delegations is 30 days. The payout will be incremental based on the number of coins delegated:

  • 0-499 EGLD ~ 0,5% p.a.
  • 500-999 EGLD  ~ 1% p.a.
  • from 1000 EGLD ~ 2% p.a.