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We are aaurelion

The Staking and Blockchain Provider in Germany

aaurelion GmbH has its company headquarters in Regensburg. We are the Germany partners of Elrond.

Thanks to the personal proximity to the Elrond Core Team, real-time exchange with the development team is commonplace. This allows us to react quickly and reliably to crypto market changes and to accompany blockchain applications for companies and institutions at the highest level.

Two well-rehearsed partners

aaurelion GmbH

The infrastructure of aaurelion GmbH complies with the highest industry and thus security standards and is provided by the established German system house LIEBL SYSTEMS. Certified data centres offer 24/7 availability and a high level of fail-safety.

The experts at aaurelion have several years of experience in the field of blockchain, DLT and smart contracts development. Benefit from this experience and our comprehensive support. aaurelion GmbH is a German EGLD Staking Provider and conducts research and development work on the Elrond Blockchain.

The Internet Scale Blockchain - Elrond eGold (EGLD)


Elrond is a blockchain designed for immense scalability and significant transaction throughput. The adaptive state sharding system allows transactions to be processed simultaneously by multiple validators. This makes Elrond one of the first blockchains with state sharding.

Elrond can process over 15,000 transactions per second at $0.001 each.

The aaurelion team consists of experienced professionals who are lining up to help lead the Elrond blockchain to success. The team will provide the best possible advice and support to those interested in staking.

The aaurelion team

Kamil Lewandowski
Software Engineering

Michael Reindl

Gwendolina Hartmann-Dörken
Tax Consulting

Corinna Geißler
Office Management

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T +49 941 46392320
M info@aaurelion.de